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Luděk Kühr

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This is profile of traveler and tourist, nordic walker. Sometimes a trail runner, although I'm sorry to run less and less. As tourism becomes more and more my daily business, I often think about traveling in general. About the motivation why people travel. Whether today's way of traveling enriches them or what they expect when leaving the comfort zone of their homes. Whether they are ready to step out of their comfort zone at all or just want to consume for a short time the feeling of a higher comfort than they can afford in everyday life. Often I feel that it is not so important for them where they are. They are not so much interested in the place itself but that THEY are there. For many people travelling became a selfie activity. Yes, who realizes: "I have read this words somewhere" is right. I use words of Vaclav Cílek, czech geologist, whose books and thoughts I appreciate and share to large extend. Therefore, to close my profile, I will use his words: Walking is automatically sorting your thoughts. Walking is one of the classical methods how to find out who a person is or what fits him. Walk has a big advantage, that it is a physical activity and your body tells you what is the best. It is a big difference in comparison to reading books or hanging around on internet, in the virtual world where you can lie anything about yourself. (Václav Cílek, Jan Dražan, A pilgrim in time of chaos, 2017, ISBN 978-80-906593-5-3)
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