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Obrazová příloha k příběhu Privilegia Šatov

Coat of arms – and how Šatov came to be a little city

‘We, Ladislav, by the will of God, king of Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, and Croatia, margrave of Moravia, duke of Luxembourg and Silesia, with this writing declare to all that our beloved stalwarts Heinrich von Lichtenburg und Fettau and his son Burian have requested privileges for the village of Šatov, with the aim to advance Šatov to become a small city and bestow upon it the green wax seal and market rights, for they have served us and our Lord faithfully.

To this request, we, king and margrave of Moravia, are positively inclined, since the above mentioned Heinrich and Burian have always served us faithfully and humbly. With this writing, we are in accord and allow the village Šatov to no longer be called a village but a city, for all of its present and future inhabitants.

With this, all the privileges and rights are included that belong to cities. Herewith we confer upon the little city, as is a custom in the margrave of Silesia, a coat of arms with red roofless towers on a white field; above the gate the birth symbol of Heinrich and Burian is featured, whose lords are represented by two crossing branches.’

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