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The church of Horní Břečkov, a Moravian church from the times of the Slavic apostles Cyril & Methodius

Horní Břečkov

The church of Horní Břečkov dates back to the 12th century. This was discovered during renovations in 1748. But according to the renowned theologian Gregor Wolny, it is even older than that. He considers it to be one of the twelve oldest churches of Moravia, built in the 9th century. At that time the Slavic apostles Cyril and Methodius were working as missionaries in the Moravian kingdom. They were sent by the Byzantine emperor into this area upon a request of the Moravian ruler Rastislav, who wanted to reduce the influence of the Franconian clergy in his land.


A chapel called Zwölferin used to stand on the church square of today. The chapel was upgraded to a church in 1748, with help of a contribution by the countess Althanová. In the first stage the tower and the presbytery were constructed. Further reconstructions followed, until eventually in 2013 in the final stage, the central altar with the painting of Saint Clement of Rome was renovated. The painting of Saint Clement of Rome, who is the guardian saint of the church, could be a hidden reference to the Slavic apostle duo. Saint Clement died in the Crimea, and according to legend his bones were found by Cyril and Methodius in the Black Sea.

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