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Ponds, carp, and beer as chief ambassadors of the protected landscape area of Třeboňsko

Rapšach is located close to the border with Austria. The ponds in particular furnish the protected landscape area of Třeboňsko with its unmistakable identity. These were first mentioned in documents in 1260, and beginning in the 14th century they became the kingdom of the carp. The large boom in the pond economy of Třeboň began after the Hussite Wars.

The well-known pond constructor Štěpánek Netolický built countless ponds for the noble Rosenberg family and connected them to a ‘golden canal’. This canal can take water out of the ponds as well as replenish them, which serves to regulate the water level. At the end of the 19th century, Josef Šusta of Třeboň perfected the pond economy by introducing new methods for the care of the ponds as well as the proper feeding of the fish. The carp continues to enjoy a prime spot on the decked table at Christmas. Brewing beer also became a domestic practice since the 14th century.

The first brewery of Czechia was said to be in Třeboň. Again it was the Rosenberg clan who took the initiative: they transformed the brewery into a castle brewery. In the 19th century beer became a fashionable drink.

Today only the name ‘Regent’ reminds us of the early noble days of the oldest Czech brewery. Beer and carp have long since become culinary ambassadors of Třeboňsko and make joint appearances, such as in the dish ‘carp in dark beer sauce’.

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