Obrazová příloha k příběhu Vratěnín Pošta

Prosperity of the post office in Vratěnín

In 1560, at the initiative of the imperial postmaster Hans Wohlzogen, a regular postal coach service was established between Vienna and Prague. The steep climbs along the Bohemian-Moravian hills demanded the full energies of the horses, thus multiple switches between horse teams were necessary.

One of the stations on the postal route was Vratěnín. This station was converted to a central post station in 1723. But its heyday only lasted until 1750. Upon the nationalization of the postal service, the empress Maria Theresa called for a new network to be established. The postal route from Vienna to Prague would now follow the route Znojmo - Jihlava - Čáslav. This meant that Vratěnín was no longer on the beaten path.

Next, packages and persons were transported as well as post. In the 18th century, the daily performance of the postal coach amounted to twenty to thirty km. By the middle of the 19th century, this had reached 100 to 120 km. However, a trip with the postal coach was anything but comfortable. For Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the seats in the coaches were ‘as hard as stone’. He would actually ‘prefer to go on foot than ride in a postal coach’.

Currently, this historic building houses a permanent exhibition on the history of postal and post office Vratěnín.

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