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Lázně Sedlec

Sedlec u Mikulova

The allure of the cross-border healing thermal waters of Sedlec (Mikulov)

The year 1362 marks the first mention of a thermal spa, east of Mikulov, that contains healing waters coming from a sulphurous spring. The history of the erstwhile spa of Sedlec is a long one, which began even before 1362. The earlier names of the settlement were ‘Woisprunie’ and ‘Foydasprunn’ and are an indication of the existence of the spring. In the 17th century it was called Voitelsbrunn, and as of 1945 it became known as Sedlec.

In 1680 the sulphurous spring was purchased by the noble family Dietrichstein. One hundred years later the bath house was expanded to a royal baroque style spa. Up to 1000 guests came year after year from Moravia and Lower Austria; from 1872 onwards they arrived with the new rail line. The guests primarily suffered from rheumatism and skin diseases. The sulphurous mineral waters provided soothing and restorative effects. But the spa was closed after the Second World War.

Today the former spa building houses the town hall of Sedlec, including also a library and meeting room. The surrounding area is used for social and cultural events.

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