• Radparadies Weinviertel
    Radparadies Weinviertel Photo: Weinviertel Tourismus / Gollner
  • Kellergasse Galgenberg in Wildendürbach
    Kellergasse Galgenberg in Wildendürbach Photo: Niederösterreich Werbung / Michael Liebert
  • Retzer Land
    Retzer Land Photo: Niederösterreich Werbung / Michael Liebert
  • Stärkung bei einer Heurigenjause Photo: Weinviertel Tourismus / Robert Herbst
  • Österreichs größes Weinbaugebiet Photo: Weinviertel Tourismus / Robert Herbst


Fields, vineyards, Kellergasse, castles and palaces

The graceful ups and downs of meadows, fields and vineyards delight the observer in the Weinviertel. Again and again cellar lanes, friendly rows of houses without chimneys appear. Where wine has a good home, the attitude to life is lively. There are many things to see and explore.In Retz, the first stop in the Weinviertel coming from the west, the largest historic wine cellar in Austria astonishes under the city. From the main square with its magnificent Renaissance buildings it is only a short distance to the famous Retz windmill. Picturesquely it goes on: Through the Pulkautal, known for its beautiful cellar alleys. After a round through South Moravia you reach Laa an der Thaya. If you feel tired muscles, stop at the Therme Laa.Through cellar lanes, past cellar lanes, hills up and down you cycle on, crossing the border to the Czech Republic, while the landscape slowly changes. In Hohenau, at the border triangle Czech Republic-Slovakia-Austria, March-Thaya-Auen, one of the most interesting wetlands of Central Europe, begin.

Photo: Weinviertel Tourismus / Gollner

Der Iron Curtain Trail im Weinviertel

EV13 Stage 4: Drosendorf - Hardegg

From Drosendorf head up to the picturesque village of Vratěnín, which lies already within the region of South Moravia. You can visit the castle in Uherčice or you can cool down in the natural swimming pool in Langau in Lower Austria (which also offers visitors a rural museum).

EV13 Stage 5: Hardegg - Znaim

From Hardegg, you will ascend across the restored border bridge and through the Podyjí National Park to the visitors’ centre of Čížov with well-preserved structures dating from the Iron Curtain. From here it is not far to the royal town and the capital of wine, Znojmo.

EV13 Stage 6 - Znojmo - Retz

From the medieval town of Znojmo you will go past the first centre for tourist information and services in the Czech Republic, then you will cross the bridge and climb the unpaved path through Konice to Havraníky.

EV13 Stage 7: Retz - Laa

From the picturesque town of Retz you will enjoy a comfortable ride through the Pulkava River Valley up to Hadres. At 1.6 kilometres long, Hadres is the longest cellar lane in Central Europe.

EV13 Stage 8: Laa - Valtice

Rested from the thermal spa in Laa an der Thaya, you will set out through a landscape dotted with vineyards to Wildendürnbach, famous for its spiral cellar alley called Šibeniční Vrch (Gallows Hill).
Weinviertler Kellergassen: Einblicke von Elisabeth Himmelbauer
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