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The lives of a number of prominent personalities including artists, doctors, and inventors are connected to the town of Valtice.

Worldwide fame springing from Valtice (Feldsberg)

This includes the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God, who significantly influenced life in Valtice at the beginning of the 17th century. This Roman Catholic order founded hospitals that still provide health services today.

Norbert Boccius, an author of botanical texts including a 14-volume herbal (reference manual for botanical study), led the city to an advanced state of development, so that after the closure of the medical school in Prague, course work was continued at the school in Valtice. He also recognized the creative artistic talents of the Brothers Bauer, born in Valtice.

After his studies, Joseph Bauer entered the services of the Prince of Liechtenstein as court painter and director of the Royal Gallery of Vienna. Ferdinand was an illustrator of plants and took part in expeditions of discovery and research, while Francis worked in the Kew botanic gardens in England and was also court painter of Charlotte, the wife of King George III.

Johann Nepomuk Reithhoffer has been described as the founder of the rubber industry and water-resistant clothing.

Celestýn Opitz, orderly brother, served in Valtice as a doctor who in 1847 was the first in Europe  to operate using ether as a general anaesthetic.


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